Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Recap

So I haven't yet shared, but I had the most fantastic Mother's Day ever! And I really mean it!

It started off with our annual tradition of me getting breakfast in bed! My dh lovingly does this for me each and every year on Mother's Day and it never gets old or boring or repetitive! I think it is the best way to wake up by far =)

After breakfast, it was time to get ready for church ...

Here are me and the girls before leaving for church Sunday morning. Despite both of them having red eyes, they are in fact not little devils - well, okay, most of the time they are not! I will say they were both fantastic on Sunday, trying to make my Mother's Day the best ever!

We tried to get Little Man in the picture - he however, would have none of it!

Anyway, church was particularly important on Sunday because my two youngest children were dedicated. Something I have been wanting to do for some time now. My oldest was actually dedicated on Mother's Day in 2000 so it was even more nice to have the other two done on Mother's Day as well. It has always bothered me that the two littlest had nothing done when my oldest did. The truth is when my 4 year old was younger we didn't go to church! Who am I kidding? I wasn't even going to church when my 1 year old was born. But I started going again and felt like it was time to do it. I mentioned it to the church a few months ago and they called me a few weeks ago and told me they were scheduling one on the calendar so I signed us up!

Unlike last time, we actually went and met with the pastor. Well, it was more like, we went to his office and the kids ran around and touched as much as they could! And him and my 4 year old read a book together. So although we aren't best friends, at least he knew my kids a bit (my 7 year old was dedicated at a much larger church. She was dedicated at the same time as a bunch of other kids. To prepare for it, we went to a one hour meeting without her and learned where to stand and when to say "we will." Although it doesn't surprise me given the much larger church and congregation, I have to admit, I liked this one much better precisely because it felt so much more personal.)

On stage for the dedication - starting from left to right:
The pastor, my aunt (who was sort of like our sponsor) dh holding Little Man, Oldest child, myself, Miss M, the other pastor and then you can see the other little girl who was dedicated that day and her father! My aunt was up there because this is the church she goes to. We go because she invited us - and for a while she was the one taking my children to sunday school. It was nice she could be up there with us though =)

Another shot - Miss M is still up there, but the angle of the camera blocks her out! She is standing beside me!

After all of that, we went back to granny's house for a nice, simple lunch. It was granny, grandpa, aunt from picture above, her children, one of my sisters, my dh's dad and step-mom and their son (also dh's brother) and another cousin of dh's. We talked, ate, chatted, etc. After a few hours, we came home. Dh took a bit of a nap and I had some nice quiet time while Little Man also napped and the girls played.

Later we went to my mom's to celebrate with her. The girls and I gave her some handmade soaps, bath salts, and bath fizzies. It's here I have to admit that I absolutely enjoyed making those items and am already planning on making some more. To which I'm sure dh is oh-so-happy that I have found yet something else to make and buy! LOL!

And then it was time to come home, put the munchkins to bed and rest myself.
I do have to say this, my family went out of their way to spoil me on Sunday. And I am so thankful, but you know what the truth is? They spoil me in smaller ways each and every day, and for that I am truly thankful! It's nice to get the extra attention once a year, but what makes me family so special is that they really do love and care for me each and every day!

All of my mother's day flowers - a lovely pot of real flowers, a pot of very great paper flowers, and the corsage I got from church for the dedication

These are my favorite flowers by far!

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Anonymous said...

AWWWW, How LOVELY Brandi! You must be a VERY GOOD mother to recieve such LOVELY paper flowers..Oh I how remember those days! Seems like yesterday