Monday, May 07, 2007

Just enjoying ...

the lovely day we are having here in the Chicago-land area today!
Yes, folks, I am sitting outside on a nice chair as the children run and ride around me. I suppose this could either mean that I'm pretty lucky to be able to do this or that I am extremely addicted to the internet if I must drag the laptop outside with me! LOL! My vote is I'm a bit of both ;-)

Actually, I had some work to do (yes, I got another order at my store and I can't begin to tell you how extremely excited I am about that. It really is a good thing) and so I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by dragging this here computer out with me.

Actually, today has been a very productive day for me so far. Despite having been out of the house for quite a few hours today I have actually accomplished a lot. I suppose after doing the 30 day organizational challenge it really made me think about being organized. And, well, the truth is, I am not very organized at all. Not at all - which showed itself to me quite blatantly today I was trying to become organized! But I am getting there. Today I created a chore chart for the entire family and spaces all those must do jobs over the course of the week - laundry, dusting, cleaning, all that not so fun stuff that it is hard to find motivation for (well, unless you happen to be strange and actually like cleaning LOL!) Last night I made a huge list over at a site I signed up on a while ago, but didn't use much: Ta-da Lists. Best of all, it is free to use. I have three lists for this week: personal, business, and Moms Club items. Last night there were a combined 46 items between the 3 lists. Now I am down to 37 items. Which really isn't so bad I don't think. I'm hoping to knock most things off during the next three days so that the end of my week can be relaxing and I can take things easy! Ah, wouldn't that be nice!

Well now I should sign off. My son keeps heading towards the street - he is need of some major distraction! Till later =)

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