Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have you ever ...

just felt drawn to get to know someone better? And no, I don't mean a love at first site kind of thing. I don't mean in a romantic way, just that for whatever reason you feel like something is telling you that you should definitely get to know this person and maybe even be friends.
Has anyone ever felt that way before?
So there is someone I have seen a few times. Not often. Our two conversations have been brief but pleasant. And yet, I don't see us really talking again without planning it. And yet, I can't just call her and invite her over and say "hey, I feel really drawn to you. Want to do lunch sometime?" (um, hello, would I sounds like a stalker and oh yeah, I don't have her number).
Her son does an activity with my dd, but another mom usually drives him there. So do I send a note home with him inviting them for a playdate?
I'd like to add her, my dd and her son get along very well and my dd would be thrilled to get to play with him.

Also they just had a baby. Maybe I could send a gift for the baby and if I'm lucky she'll send/call a thank you to me and that can start some conversation?

I don't know! Part of me thinks I'm half-way to crazy and the other half says don't ignore instincts. And if instincts are telling me we should become friends, then I should follow them.

Blog people, please tell me what to do! Give me advice!
Thank you =)


Damselfly said...

Your new-baby gift idea sounds great. It would work for me! You could include a note with the gift mentioning a play date or swapping babysitting sometime.

Tricia said...

I agree with Damselfly. It's hard to take the first step in making a new friend but in the end, it can be really worth it! Good luck!

mama2dibs said...

I agree. It's a scary move, but usually when you step out of your comfort zone for something you feel drawn to, it works out well.

MissKris said...

Do it, do it, do it! I've learned thru the years to follow my instincts in these matters and I can never remember them backfiring. You may not end up being lifetime friends, but you could all spend a lovely day together! At this stage in life I don't have much time for 'socializing' during the weekdays so I send cards or a little note if I'm thinking about someone. I have a dear friend whose husband of 55 years recently passed away. I sent her a sympathy card when it happened, but on Friday, a couple weeks after the funeral, I felt compelled to send her a little "Thinking of You" card. I saw her in church this morning and she told me she couldn't begin to tell me how much that meant to her. I think EVERYONE loves to know that someone's thinking of nice to know that someone would like to take it a step further and become a friend! So...follow your heart. And have fun!