Friday, April 06, 2007

Dived in ...

head first ... finally ...
Today I opened my very own Etsy shop!
Now this was not on my radar to do until, well this morning.
I had originally planned to have a website for a business I was doing with a friend, who happens to be pregnant. She also was having a tough time with the pregnancy and didn't want to move forward. I was terrified to do it on my own ... I have hardly any start up money, let alone to pay for a website, pay for a design, hit craft fairs (what would I do with the children?).
Today she e-mailed me to let me know she started her own etsy shop and we could work together in the future ... I admit, I almost burst into tears. One, it's been a very long, stressful, emotional week for me. Second, just over a week ago, she told me that she couldn't really do anything ... and now she was doing it on her own? You'd think if anything, she'd want to do it with help instead of solo.
But then I took a minute to breath and think. And I decided this did not mean she totally hated me and just didn't want to work with me in any way, shape, or form. It simply meant she felt, for whatever reason, she needed to work solo right now. And I decided it's probably because she doesn't know how much she can contribute and so doesn't want to let me down by not being able to do as much as I would need her to if we were partnered up.
And then I decided that I could do the same thing and get my feet wet a little bit.
So I did it. Just like that. This morning I woke up not even thinking about it and now I have a shop with one, oh yes, one item in it! LOL! Hey people, I have to start somewhere!!!
Dh is excited for me - so that's good. And originally he was supposed to be out all day tomorrow and now he will be home. I have a few projects bouncing around in my head to now try to complete tomorrow and who knows, maybe by next week, I'll have three things in my shop ROFL!!

Anyway, I debated whether to post the link, but really, it can't hurt can it? So here is my etsy shop, named Emmagail Creations.


DrakeNStarrsmom said...

Congrats girl!! Have fun with it :)

Kini said...

Ditto the congrats! Cute pillow too!

mama2dibs said...

How Exciting! I am proud of you for jumping out of your comfort zone and diving right in. It's scary, but I know you can do it girl!