Monday, April 30, 2007

And just like that ...

the weekend is over. No, really, where did it go? Because 5 minutes ago it was Friday. Then I blinked my eyes and it's almost 3pm on Monday! How does that happen? Does the world enter some warp speed orbit that no one told me about?

Actually, we spent the weekend mostly outside. And mostly playing. And slipping in a bit of work here and there. It was a lovely weekend I must say. But I hate when they are over. They never last long enough. Dh is never home too much. The kids don't get enough time with him. I don't get enough time with him! The weekend is full of me running errands I don't prefer to do with the kids, getting together with other people who work during the week and it's never enough family time IMO. But that's life. And we do try to make the most of the weekend. And now that winter has hopefully :::knock on wood::: gone away for a few months, the weekends ahead are looking wonderful and bright!

We have two trips planned for May. One trip planned for June. Then my dh is going away on a second trip (without the rest of us) in June. July is full of parties we've already been invited to. August will be when my dh works extra time at my parent's place. And just like that, summer will be over, fall will be knocking on our door and I will be sad. But for now, for now, I'm going to try to enjoy the glorious days of summer! Time to frolic at the park with the kids. Time to meet more neighbors (really, they all do come out when it gets warm out!). Time to take nice walks together or bike rides! Time to sit on the deck eating ice cream and chasing lightning bugs. That is what I plan to do this summer. Sit back, relax, enjoy these precious moments I have as time goes whizzing by. And hopefully, I will be able to do that - relax and enjoy I mean. They aren't exactly my strongest skills in life.

But for this afternoon, I will ready the house for a party I am hosting tonight in 4 hours. Which means I will be running around wiping, cleaning, putting things away, making food, and trying to make myself look nice all at the same time! LOL!


SusieJ said...

And summer skips along -- and we hardly notice how quickly it slips by. I have the same plans -- I love the firefliesl. Sounds like a very nice weekend.

Jungle Mom said...

How did the party go?