Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy Weekend!

This has truly been a busy weekend, well at least the parts of it that I have been not in excruciating pain for. Yes, yes, please, feel sorry for me. I tell you I deserve it! Okay, maybe I don't deserve it, but lately I have been getting hit with Headaches. Not just plain old headaches either, I'm talking HEADACHES. The kind that hurt when you just think about them. The ones that make you wish you had something to just knock you out because it would be better to be drugged up than feel this crushing, pulsating, pain in your head.
I am not sure where these are coming from ... my eye-glass prescription is good, I'm drinking enough water, I'm not coming off of any addictions at the current the moment (although my dh thinks I should stop drinking coke to help. I strongly disagree). I don't think they are migraines since there is no light sensitivity or feelings of nauseous. But yesterday I had one that pretty much knocked me on my butt for most of the afternoon/evening.
Eventually though, it went away or I swallowed enough pills to force it away and by evening I was feeling much better. Between that and today I finished my very first order for my store (yeah!), made a gift for a friend, and made a few other items to put in the store. I told dh my inventory doubled this weekend (it went from a whole 3 things to an amazing 6 things LOL!)
Tonight I had time to catch up on some mommy-club items and now here I am!
Saturday, prior to The Headache hitting, I was able to get some "girl time" with a friend at Bath & Body Works where I got a make-over that made my husband say "You look terrible. It makes you look older, and not in a good way. Really, just wash it off." Yeah. That's exactly what I wanted to hear @@ And I also bought some fabulous clothes. I shouldn't have, but I did. I saw a skirt at The Gap and decided right then and there I had. to. have. it. I don't normally give into those cravings, but I did yesterday. Mostly because I had a friend with me who could see me try it on and tell me truly if it looked good or not. Then, not only did I find one look to wear as a top with it, I found two looks to wear as the top with it. Oh yeah. And both tops will match at least one skirt I already own (and I would gather they might even match a few other skirts) and could be paired with jeans and the one I could even pull off with shorts. Yeah, I was pretty excited about it all. Seriously, isn't it amazing how 5 articles of clothing (one skirt, one top, one top to go underneath it, one camisole and one cardigan) make me so happy? It's either amazing or sad .... LOL!

Anyway, I know, mostly fluff tonight. But really, that's okay with me. I like to have fluff some days. Maybe I'll get deep again later this week. Right now though, I'm really working on my store. It is taking most of my time and energy. It feels good to have something to work towards, a goal in mind, and a way to get my creative outlet and hopefully get paid to do it as well. I think this is just what the doctor ordered! Now just pray that I keep selling things =)


Sallie said...

Husbands really know what to say don't they...LOL...

Have fun pairing the outfits together.. I love doing that!

mama2dibs said...

Are you pregnant? HA!HA!HA! Just kidding. I just know that when I was having those splitting headaches (just a few weeks back) is when I found out I was pregnant.