Wednesday, April 25, 2007

But it's a coach purse!

I really like purses. Truly, purses of any kinds. But I sort of like Coach even more than others (probably because I do not spend my money on them because it feels like too much of an indulgence when I already have more purses than I need to). Also, I am new into the world of wanting more purses and well, I can't scare the dh by running out and buying the really expensive ones first.
So right now, I get my coach purses only when they come as presents. Fortunately, my mom has given me two purses as presents which is fabulous. But then I saw a contest for one, and well, I have to say I'm in!
Quiet Romance is giving one away! Just like that! All I have to do is link you to her blog. And then sign Mr. Linky. How easy is that? And then if the odds are in my favor, I might be holding a coach purse soon. Well, okay, so I probably won't win, but it's fun to try.
And anyway, it's a fun blog to read whether you want the purse or not. So go visit her, say hi, and if you want a new purse, you can try to win it too! =)

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Quietromance said...

Thanks for entering the contest! Good Luck!