Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blah ...

First of all, winter decided to return to the Chicago-area. Thankfully we have been spared the snow that other parts are getting, but the temperatures are frigid. Today, when my dd was supposed to have her first t-ball class outside, it was 30 degrees with windchill of 15 degrees. Thankfully, they moved class indoors, but just walking from car to building was not fun.
Hopefully it will break next week.

Secondly, my uncle is not doing any better. Thankfully, he is not doing any worse, but we had been hoping for better by now. ::sigh:: I really hope something happens soon. I admit, I'm worried and I won't feel better until we get better news ...

Thirdly, to answer smoov, when I nap with the little guy, the two girls color, draw, play barbies, play with their American Girl dolls, play with their Polly Pockets, listen to music, dance, sing, and hang out. The only rules are no going outside. Thankfully, they are pretty good kids and do not take advantage of this ability. Usually, all three of us are in the same room anyway, so there isn't a whole lot they could get away with. I have been blessed with two girls that are pretty good with boundaries I have set up for them. Okay, so the older one is a bit lippy at times and has an attitude, but heck, she's still a great kid overall! I could never do this with babyboy. Never. Well, maybe some day. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon. I'm not sure I could do it when he hits 10. We'll see ... who knows precisely what the future can hold. But if his behavior today is any indication of what's to come, I'm in for a tough ride with that one. It's okay. His smile makes up for it!

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