Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So. I haven't posted in a while. All day long I think of wonderful things I could blog about. Then I sit at the computer and all my thoughts are gone. Just like that. I blame the children and not age! LOL!
Anyway, we had lovely weather here this weekend. It was nice. Well the weekend was nice anyway. Saturday I was able to get some me time. Dh took the kids out and told me to stay home and relax. And I swear that is what I planned on doing. But then I decided I needed a hair cut. So I drove to the closest place and fortunately they could squeeze me in, but not for 90 minutes. So what did I do? Well, I should have gone home, worked for an hour and then drove back. But what I really did was go get a manicure and pedicure. What can I say? I needed a nice treat like that!
The hair cute went awesome. The stylist and I just talked away the entire time. Now, this may happen commonly to others, but for me, this is not normal. I just never feel like I know what to say or how to say it. I got "So, great weather we're having," and usually my conversations ideas are dried up after that. But not this time. We just chatted away. It really felt like an old friend was cutting my hair. Of course we had known each other for approximately 1 minute before the cut started.
Then dh and I went off to a party and left the kiddies with a sitter. On the way home I raved about how great my day was upon which dh pointed out that I hardly spent anytime with the kids. I informed him that when I stay home each and every day and am with them 99% of the time, sometimes a day away is exactly what I needed. And now that I had it I was good to go for a few weeks. And you know what? I don't feel one bit guilty for feeling that way. Nope. Not at all. It's true. I do need breaks! And I have learned that it is okay to feel that way. A few years ago I would have felt all guilty and like a terrible mother who much obviously not love her children enough if she felt like she had to get away for a bit. Thankfully, I've since learned that you can want breaks away from the kids and still love them with all your heart. Isn't growing and learning things like that so wonderful?
Sunday was spent at church. Then home playing with friends and neighbors and soaking up the beautiful weather we are having.

Anyway, aside from the great weekend, I have to admit when I am home I am checking my e-mail all the time. Why would I be doing that you wonder? Well, I am still anxiously awaiting my second order at my etsy shop. I know it will come and I know that it won't come any sooner if I check my e-mail 5,274,082,752 times a day. But I'm not a patient person.
But this is probably a good thing. I have checked the e-mail less today than yesterday. Maybe this will be a good way to learn to stop back. Relax. I can't make orders come by checking e-mail.

Okay, well that sums things up from around here for now.


Mel said...

I'm glad you got some time away. You need that! We all do!

mama2dibs said...

I'm glad you got out AND it went well! I know how you feel about not knowing what to say...grr! I also know how you feel about taking a little bit of time away. I love when DH and DD go on a "date". You just need it once in awhile. Good for you girl!