Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Tidbits ...

Tonight I will post lots of little things to share =)

* I started working on the basement today. I managed to empty one box completely and a second box almost all the way. I moved the furniture a tad. Right now though, I feel like I am stuck because I would like to add an entertainment center down there and dh wants another desk. It's hard to unpack anymore because I need that furniture to find places for everything. And I certainly don't want to stack the boxes up in another part of the house. I really want them unpacked and put away!

* I am on day 30 of my Read the Bible in 90 Days program. I am glad to say I am ahead of the little schedule-thingy I printed from on-line. I am officially 1/3rd through the program and although today is day 30, I have read up to day 32! Really, I just read it a bit each day and I'm glad that is working and I'm ahead of schedule because I am reading what feel comfortable for me to read for the day and thankfully I don't need to modify that and add more reading to keep up.

* My son has not come back to nursing. I was correct in thinking that it was not just a nursing strike, but him being done. I am very sad about it, but the sun still rises and sets each day and he seems to still love me, so that's all good!

* I am so glad to have my store. I have done lots of shopping for materials this week and am planning on making a ton of very cute items for it whenever I get the time. Also, getting that first sale feels absolutely amazing to me and I am so happy about that.

* The snow yesterday sucked a lot. But it's melting pretty quickly. I bet there will be no traces of it by this time tomorrow. And if I don't see snow again until November, I will be happy.

* So far, despite all the items we have been buying for the house, dh and I are not broke! That is a good thing and truly a blessing. I am still not sure how we managed to swing. I thought for sure we need to carry some credit card debt for about 3 months to get all the new furniture paid off, but somehow we managed to not! Woo-hoo! The good news is that we are not planning any more big purchases soon so if I can find the rest of the furniture over the next 2 months that I want at a good price, we can probably buy it (and yes, I am searching Craigslist each and every day!)

I think that about wraps things up from here =)

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