Saturday, August 19, 2006

Well ...

It seems my son has recently developed an allergy. And not only did he get this allergy, but he contracted some sort of virus, sickness, whatever. It has gotten much worse over the course of the last few days. My husband and I have been treating it as best we know how, but my ability to be sympathetic towards him is wearing thin.
Unfortunately, this isn't something that we can rush him off to the doctor for ... you see my son's new allergy is to the floor and his new virus is need-to-be-attached-to-mom's-hip-itis.
I love him, I do, but this whole wanting to be held all day long and not giving me a break is really really really starting to wear on me.
Last night dh gave me some "free time." My son cried for about 30-45 minutes. Dh said he crawled around, dh believes that he was searching for me. And only after he had crawled around the entire basement did he consent to letting dh hold him. During which he cried for a bit more and then quieted down until he fell asleep.
Meanwhile, I was upstairs, hearing him cry, having my heart break for him, but at the same time, thankful he was screaming next to dh and I was at least getting a bit of a break. Probably I should have left the house, but it was 9ish at night and not many places to go. So I sat, watched Psych and did some knitting.
I know 9 months is a big seperation anxiety phase, but my other two were never this bad - constantly needing to be in my arms and crying if I was so much as 2 inches away from them ... yeah, they were nervous when we were out and about, but they were at least okay at home.
::sigh:: I just keep telling myself that this phase will pass too. And hopefully soon.

On other news, ever have that feeling someone is mad at you, but instead of just telling you they are mad or upset they ignore you? Yeah, I've got that feeling these days. It's frustrating. I just wish that if someone was upset with me, they would at least tell me, then ignore me so I knew what was up. Maybe the person is just busy and doesn't have a moment or maybe they are mad, or maybe my messages have been lost in translation ... I don't know. I just hate not knowing.

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