Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Misc Updates ...

So, we started school last week. It's going really well. Once again my 6 year old is blowing me away. Things are just too easy for her - much like when we started last year. We are going to plug along with the easy stuff to build up confidence, and soon it will be getting harder - well at least I hope so. I had some logic puzzles that I thought would really test her. Well they did, for one day. Now she has it down and runs with it. I do hope they pick up here as we get farther into the book. We'll see. I have another math book that has some puzzling tasks so I think it's time to pull that out soon (something I thought I wouldn't be using for a few years @@)
My 4 year old keeps asking to do "school" as well. I've given her a few projects to work on. She does them, for all of a few minutes, and moves on to just playing. It's fine with me, and it shows me where her attention span and readiness is (which is where I thought it was - not ready to start anything).
Babyboy has been pretty cooperative through all of this, which I very much appreciate! =)

On other notes, I have not started running. :-( I want to, I do. I can not seem to get away to run. My dh leaves for work at insane hours in the am (Last week he left for work between 4:30am and 5:30 am each day). And he is staying at work late - getting home at 6 or 7, then it time to get the kids down, babyboy gets exceptionally cranky at that point. When can I go? I can't. However, some very good news, is that in a mere 3 days we will be out of debt. Completely debt free. I do not kid when I tell you we have paid off a ton of money over the last 2 years. I think the average american has something like 7500 in debt. 2 years ago we had more than that, we had more than double that. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! I think we shall have champange to celebrate no debt.
But, that means we've been making hefty credit card payments to get it paid off. Now we won't have to (but we plan to stock pile the money away and pretend we are still making those payments as a house purchase should be soon).
So, I say all this because our treat to ourselves will be memberships to the local YMCA. That means I can go work out and take the kids to the childcare and finally get going on this. I am SO excited. Dh even said, he plans on coming home, having dinner with us, and then maybe all of us heading over there so he and I can work out together. Or maybe he'll go over there, take the kids, and give me some free time at home - however it works out. I am so excited. I wanted a membership there this spring, but it would have delayed paying debt off, and in the end I decided it was not worth it.
So, for the moment running is sidetracked, but it's still on the agenda.
And I swear this time I am not saying I can't get away as a convenient excuse. I really can't get away. And it's eating me up. I am eager to get started!
Aside from that, not much else going on here. I'm very anxious to move and move soon. That is definitely on my radar right now. It's not on dh until Jan. 1 but I can look on-line all I want and plan the perfect place to move without him ROFL!! =)

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