Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So, Sunday I started to Pilates again.
Now, when my soon to be 4 year old was a baby still, I had to have the Winsor Pilates DVD's. So I went on-line and ordered them. Yes, them. Not only did I get the one DVD, but the DVD for arms, the one for butts, and the one for the tummy, along with the DVD set that included the basic work out and the advanced work out. You can imagine how thrilled this made my husband.
And I did it. I started with the 20 minute work out and after a week moved to the advanced work out. I even did the work out for arms once and the legs once. And then after an entire 3 weeks, I quit.
I had many excuses - the baby, my then 3 year old, keepipng up with the house, blah, blah, blah.
And the DVDs sat and sat and sat.
Until Sunday. Sunday I pulled it out and did the 20 minute work out. And I did it Monday. And I did it today. Since I stopped doing it last time, I kept saying that I was going to start again tomorrow. And tomorrow never came, until Sunday. Of course I'm doing it to be healthy - my cholesterol is on the higher side of normal, and I'm tense a lot - so it will be good for me to do this. Of course the real motivation is a dress that I'm wearing at a wedding in October. And it will look a bit better if my waist was a little less "poochy."
I have to admit, I'm enjoying doing it. And was actually bummed I didn't do it yesterday (you know between running around and trying to get my child to stop crying it didn't happen). So I hope I can continue to do it. And next Monday I think I'll be ready to move up to the advances dvd, but I want to take it slow and not put my body into too much shock ;-)

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Debbie said...

I just bought the whole Winsor Pilates set, myself...just waiting for it to arrive. I've had the Ab DVD for a couple of years and have started using it consistently again. I'm seeing some results already. Bought the complete set because I've got lots of other areas that need some help!

I did Pilates with Alison once. I will only do it by myself now because she made me laugh so hard I couldn't maintain the proper positions!