Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One tired mommy ...

My child is sleeping terribly again. He was okay for a week maybe a month ago? But he is back to where he was and actually getting worse :(
I just don't know what to do about it. And I do not hold him all day - he gets put down and he does cry. And it does break my heart, but I can't hold him all the day long. I have two other kids and a house to take care of. Not to mention he is a big kid! It's not easy holding him all day long honestly LOL! Poor kid. But it seems instead of things slowly getting better, they are getting worse and rapidly. I hope this si the "it will get worse before it gets better" and that in a few days things will be doing really well.
In the mean time, I'm ready to run out of this house screaming as fast as I can. I need a BREAK. Not just a break, but a BREAK. I thought I would get one tonight, but lo and behold, dh got stuck at work @@ Which happens all too many times IMO. It is all adding up to make me want to just scream as loud as I can.
On the good side, a friend came over today and got us out of the house. We took my 3, the one extra I was watching and her one to the park. The older kids ran around and played. My babyboy mostly sat on my lap or crawled on me, but occasionally he crawled more than 2 inches from me. It was nice to get out with her and just talk and vent. And she talked and vented, so it did us both good I think. And it was nice to get out and chat. And even though babyboy was attached to me most of the time at the park, it just felt better than when he is attached to me at home ;-)

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