Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sad ...

Grandpa has been not feeling well lately.
Anyway, the short version is that he is now in the hospital. :-( I'm sad. But glad he finally went to the doctor who sent him to the hospital. He needed to be convinced to go there.
I'm sure he will be fine, but I don't know. I see a lot of things happening here that happened to my grandpa before he passed away. It makes me worried.
Sadly the hospital is packed. Apparently a bad virus has hit our area. He went in through the ER - my dh (who was there) said people were in the halls of the ER. They said they needed to admit him to run more tests and watch him but there were NO rooms left and there were several people ahead of him waiting for rooms as well.
My dh's and my fear is that the hospital is full, the staff is overworked, and they will keep him the shortest time possible and let him go. And grandpa will say he's feeling better just to come home, even if he isn't really feeling better. He's that kind of stubborn guy! He didn't even want to go this time - but thankfully he did go.
I just have to say bless the people working at the hospital right now and I'm glad I'm not there. The staff surely has to be kept on their toes right now with all those patients.
I wasn't the one there with him, but I wonder will they transfer him if space is that tight? I don't know ....
Anyway, praying that they can figure out what is going with him and fix it. And he will be home in better health soon.

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