Sunday, August 13, 2006


I feel like I'm stuck in a pigsty. Not because things aren't clean, it's because they are not organized. It's very frustrating. We have things everywhere - but we have no real place to put them anywhere. So they end up in piles and boxes and spread and all over the place.
All I want is to organize everything. I want book cases and shelves and storage bins and drawers, chests, cabinents, whatever I can get my hands on to organize these things.
Of course, this is not an option for me at this time. 1)this is not our house so I can't move all their things to organize mine. 2)the basement and our bedrooms are our "areas" to do as we please with. But with moving looming pretty near in the future - who wants to drag a bunch of furniture downstairs, unpack all the boxes we have, place things, only to have to repack boxes and move furniture out within a 6 month period? That would be silly to do. So for the moment I'm stuck. Not a whole lot can be done.
I could in theory reorganize my boxes and actually sort things out. I do this every so often since we have moved in here. And it seems like it lasts for about, oh, 2 weeks, before we have torn apart boxes in search of some missing things.
It's all frustrating and annoying and well, a PITA. We will move soon. We have to move soon. Or I will go out of my mind and just flip out!
And you know what will happen then? I'll complain that I have to organize things and find ways to procrastinate on it! Such is the story of my life! LOL!

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