Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happiness is ...

Happiness is

1. the baby sleeping for more than 2 hour stretches (one week of it and still going strong! YEAH!)
2. swinging in the hammock with my dh
3. my child telling me she loves me as she gives a great big bear hug just because
4. catching up with my cousin on the phone yesterday =) Hopefully I will have more catching up with some phone calls today!
5. sleeping in on a Saturday morning
6. doing pilates with my girls - okay doing pilates is not happiness, but the girls wanting to be like me makes me happy ;-)
7. Doing more catching up yesterday - one with a friend expecting a baby boy in November (and I hate to admit it but we haven't spoken in about 14 months :X) and another cousin who just bought a new house!
8. Hanging out with other moms who, like me, are not quite perfect and being able to commiserate together on the tough days!
9. Trying something I wouldn't have thought to try a year ago, and even if it doesn't work out, being satisfied just in trying and not letting fear of failure hold me back!
10. Buying 30 boxes of crayons for $3.00, 30 glue sticks for $4.50, 5 bottles of glue for 45 cents, and 10 notebooks for $1!!! I love deals on things like that LOL!
11. Good friends to laugh with and cry with.
12. My dh letting me sleep all night long while he contended with the baby!
13. Finally finish knitting all the pieces to make my dds sweater (last night at about 11:45pm I did it LOL!)
14. Birthday celebrations
15. A cousin staying to help decorate cookies and a cake even though she doesn't have to and probably has about 100 other better things to do - all just to help out!
16. Whole grain goldfish ... I love them and so do the kids!
17. A cousin who will watch the girls and give me a break!
18. Pretty pictures drawn for me by the kiddos!
19. My daughter walking up to me, on her own, and asking to start school
20. Hanging outside with the family on a beautiful day
21. A cremsicle shake on a warm day.
22. Venting with a friend when I'm feeling stressed and knowing she is just listening and not judging at all.
23. Babyboy suddenly deciding he did not need to be attached to my hip all day today!
24. Not having to wake up for school early this am when we were awoken by a bad thunderstorm in the middle of the night ... homeschooling is good for that ;-)
25. Playing a new game called Fish Tycoon ... I am trying to convince dh that I need to buy the full version
26. dh pampering me when I don't feel well.
27. sleeping 5 hours last night all because I pulled babyboy into our bed - apparently he sleeps well in our bed.
28. Welcoming a new little one into our circle of friends! Welcome little Miss M! =)
29. Babyboy giggling hysterically in his sleep in the middle of the night!
30. Finally buying Fish Tycoon (see number 25)
31. Paying off debt (as of today, my dh and I are officially debt free! WOO HOO!!)

August is Happiness Is Month! Come on and play!!

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Sheri said...

Yay!! Now that's something to be happy about!!