Thursday, August 03, 2006

Commercial ...

Pardon me while I give a little commercial here.
It's for a friend of mine ... our oldest dd's were born a few months apart. She lives down the block from my mom, and is a wonderful, smart woman.
She just wrote a book and I feel it's my duty to plug her book! It's such a neet book. It is called C is for Carbon.
This is a book about chemistry for kids. She is a chemist and she used to be a special ed teacher - so she is smart, knows how kids work, and the book is fabulous!!
Not only did she create this wonderfully fun, yet informative book, she also has lesson plans to use with her book (in case any fellow homeschoolers, teachers or parents who want to work with their kids at home are reading this).
I am so excited for her - and excited to use this book in my curriculum this year!! The best part is if this book takes off, she is planning on writing a series of chemistry books like this for children. And as I'd like to see more books from her, I have made it my duty to share this book with as many people as possible so that she can sell, sell, sell and start printing up the second book!
Anyway, I think it's a great book and it's written by a great mom.
So there, that's my commercial! Hope you enjoyed it ;-)

In an unrelated note, I'm going to be updating my links soon - they are dearly out of date. So, I know I don't have more than a few people reading, but if you do read and I don't have a link to your blog, please leave me one so I can add it =)

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