Saturday, February 19, 2005

Long night ...

My 2 year old woke went to bed at 8 pm as normal. But at midnight she woke up - coughing, crying, saying that her ear hurt ... and just overall very cranky. So we were up for a little more than an hour before she was calm enough, and pain-free enough to go to bed. I quickly followed behind her cause I was very tired.
Fast forward to 4 am .... she was back up - coughing, crying, complaining that her ear hurt. So I moved both of us to the living room. Brought us both a pillow and a blanket. I gave her medicine, comforted her, and then I turned on the TV and layed down myself. I think I fell asleep around 5. I know she was still awake. I was aroused around 5:30 by the TV, but she was asleep. Then dh sort of woke me up around 6:30 when he was getting ready to leave, and then 5 year old woke up around 7. So from 5:30 to about 8:30 I slept off and on. Then at 8:30, M finally woke up ... ready for the day, smiling, telling me she felt great!
How is that she can wake up and act like alst night was a completely normal night, and at 11 am, I feel like I was run over by a truck and slept all of 15 minutes last night? I'm just hoping that she is actually very worn out (but still in a good mood) becuase this momma needs a nap today! LOL!

Sadly, dh had to work today. He left at 6:30 and right now expects to be home at 7. So I don't really get a break to kind of regroup myself ... okay I really wish he were home so I could just go to bed now! But, I will survive. Even if I'm dragging my butt all day. On the good side, we have no where to do. Which is good, becuase despite the good mood, given how last night went, I think the last thing my 2 year old needs is to be dragged out and about.

On a good note, I think tomorrow I am going shopping for lots of fabric and zippers, and ribbons and all that jazz to start making some little summer dresses for the kids. And I have decided that I'm going to try my hand at a sweater for myself, provided I can find yarn for it. I'm certainly going to try anyway!! =)


Debbie said...

Ugh!! I hate nights like that! I hope M really is feeling better today and I hope you get a nap. :)

Good luck with all your projects. Sweaters aren't so terribly hard. Putting the pieces together takes a little work, at first, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it and yours will look great.

Mel said...

Your night was almost exactly like mine! And my husband worked all day today, too!