Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Let the craziness begin ...

From tomorrow until next Sunday, I will be going crazy! I will be living out of 2 homes for that time (which basically means a lot of driving back and forth), and I will be responisble for an additional 2 children: my sisters.
While my parents are on their wonderful cruise enjoying the warm, sunny Carribean ... I will be taking care of their very hormonal 11 and 14 year old daughters, also known as my little sisters! There is an hour drive between my house and their house. Any bets on how many times I will make that drive over the next 12 days? I don't even want to think about honestly!!!

On top of that, we are having a Superbowl party at our house on Sunday. So I am trying to get this place ship shape for that. Of course, we have the people coming to repair the basement soon, so it's in a bit of disaray (we had to empty out some storage areas). Hopefully no one will be down there anyway. And frankly, I'm a bit disappointed. It appears we will have an entire 9 people here. We've topped 25 at previous years parties. I guess people are growing up and just can't manage to come to a Superbowl party anymore. I think it's sad ... just until recent years my dh's group of friends have been pretty tight and all of a sudden it's breaking up. There is hope that some people who haven't rsvp will show up and I hope that happens. We haven't seen some people in over a year, despite our efforts to see them more often.

But the next week and half will consist of me running around like made, trying to get a child who hates homework to do her homework, trying to keep all the balls I have at this house in the air, and trying to keep all the balls at my parents house in the air as well. I have 4 children's schedules to coordinate now. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to it. I wish my mom could have asked someone closer to her to do it, but then again, I agreed to do it! So I can't complain too much ... I'll try to keep that in mind as I'm pulling my hair out! LOL! The plus side is that my parents have a jacuzzi tub in their master bath and I for one plan to use it just about every single night I have to stay at their house! Not to mention for one week, someone else is paying for the groceries, which is actually very helpful for dh and I! And well, it will be fun to get that bonding time with my sisters and I know my kids are looking forward to being over there for awhile because of course, our house gets boring!
So I may be scarce over the next 12 days ... never fret though! I shall be back to normal in 12 days and I'm sure I will have some entertaining stories to share as well!!

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