Monday, February 07, 2005

And the winner is ...

The Patriots!! Woo-hoo!!! Just in case you hadn't heard yet ... Yahoo! Sports - NFL - Patriots 24, Eagles 21
Of course, we had a success here as well ... our party went quite well. I was happy with it. We had enough food, enough drink, and plenty of fun! Some of the people that came we hadn't seen since last year's party! So it was overall a great party!
It's always great when it's such a good success ;-) And the even better news is no anxiety attacks getting ready for it! But, boy! I am tired today! I'm not used to waking up sooo early, but had to get the sister to school this am. And I needed to be the responsible adult who woke her up with time to get ready without rushing. Ugh! This is totally why I'm going to homeschool from now on! No waking up to catch the bus ....
Just in case, I'm totally kidding! That is not why we are homeschooling, but I sure won't miss it! ROFL!!!

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