Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Few Updates ...

Went in on Wednesday and got the job! YEAH!! We talked about me doing hte summer session (May, June, July) and this am they called and asked if I could take over the March and April classes as well! So I went over there today to get the syllabi's for the classes and so this weekend I can decide what to do. I feel fine doing the knitting I class, it's the knitting II class that scares me! LOL! She doesn't mind cancelling the knitting II for March though, so it's up to me at this point!

My baby is feeling much better now and acting much happier, which is nice! LOL! Both kids are doing well. My 5 year old was very upset when she first found out I had a "job," but I think she has accepted it and isn't mad at me anymore. She was originally not going to talk to me until I didn't have a job anymore, but we are talking openly and freely these days now! LOL!

My friend is coming today ... I expect her in about an hour and can't wait. I have been cleaning this house top to bottom the last few days, so it will be all set for Saturday, although I don't know that there will be more than a few people here. Bummer :-( Oh well ... I did try! It's not my fault no one could come (or didn't want to come? who knows?)

I made a false post last week and didn't mean too! I had said last week I had been with Netflix for a month adn been through 9 movies. Ummm ... the month ends on Feb. 27. Who knows what I was thinking then? Anyway, that will be Sunday. I have now watched 12 movies, 2 more arrived today and I expect another one Saturday. So, I really feel like I am getting my money's worth from these people! LOL!

Okay, that will probably be it for a few days. Won't be on the computer with company around here!! ;-)

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