Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Don't want ...

tomorrow to come! It's going to be a long day and I don't feel ready for a long day. My dh thinks it will be great that I'm running around all day ... easy for him to say! He doens't have to do it!
Anyway the new "dilema" here is whether or not to put my 2 yer old in preschool. I don't really want to. I mean, I still want to homeschool both my children. However, I recognize she has some anxiety in new settings and around people, and I wonder if a few years of preschool will help her overcome that and then we can homeschool after that. One of her therapists thinks that being a part of a group like that is exactly what she needs, the other feels that she will be fine as long as we keep her in a park district activity or 2.
Which, is what I'm feeling is the right decision. As a matter of fact, I really think that is the way we should go. At least for next year. Besides, all the preschools around here, but 2, require potty training (which she isn't and I don't want to pay and lose a deposit if she doesnt train by then).
So I think I just answered my own question. So, this blog is good for soemthing! And if we don't see any improvement next year, then she can do preschool the year after that!
There problem solved!

Another M issue .. her PT wants us to look into samonas? Music Therapy? So I'll spend the next 2-4 weeks reading as much as I can ... making a decision on whether to persue it and then share with dh only the information I think he should know ROFL!!!!

And well, other than my busy day tomorrow, nothing really to say. I'm totally tired and should be asleep like 3 hours ago. Ah yes ... it is the same old, same old! Someday things should change! I hope so anyway ....

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Debbie said...

We went back and forth on the preschool issue here, too, but we were considering it because we've got a social butterfly here that could probably use some more interaction with kids her own age. We decided to hold off for the same reason....potty training (and the fact that 2, or possibly 3 years of preschool seemed like a lot of school for a little kid). We're picking up activities at the Community Center, and do story time at the library, so I think she'll be all right. :)

Good luck with your busy day today.