Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Box ...

It's no ordinary box. It is special. It has been with me since I moved. I love this box. It's referred to as "The Box."
Okay, okay, so it's the box that I through all the stuff in when I don't have time to put it anywhere else or jsut don't know where to put it, or am too lazy to put it all away!
Well, lately, the box is so full, things were piled over the top of it. So tonight, for almost an hour, I sorted through all the stuff in The Box. I have recycled one paper bag full of paper. I have filed a good portion away. And now, the box stands at about 1/4th full of things. Yes, yes, I know ... why go through all of that if I can't empty the entire thing. Some papers just don't have a spot in this house yet, and so they will remain in The Box. Happily awaiting a permanent home to go to.
And hopefully, this time ... The Box won't overflow with items before I decide to sort through it again!

1 comment:

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