Sunday, February 20, 2005

Long Night ... take 2

Well, last night was a repeat of the night before, only worse.
See the night before, my 2 year old was fine if she was on one couch and I was on the other. Last night she freaked out if I moved more than a foot away from her. She freaked out if we moved her from the couch to another location. Well, she basically freaked out if she was not on the couch, with tv on, with mom sitting next to her somehow touching her.
I also tried garlic oil to help the ear. She screamed both times we tried that.
Finally at about 5:30 am, somehow I convinced her to go lay in granny/grandpa's bed with me (because we could both fit and be together. She didn't want to do it at first but then gave in. Okay, I threatened her! I told her to lay in the bed with me, or I would leave the couch she was sleeping on. But I had to get some sleep. Up to that point I had maybe 2 hours?
We did move up there and fall asleep. At about 8 o'clock, my dh came in to check on us, and ended up waking her (or maybe she was awake but laying silently?) so he got up with her. I wasn't officially woken up until about 10.
But I feel completely drained. And on top of all of that, she's only getting worse. The fever is slowly edging up, her ear still bothers her, and basically she's about as crabby as they come. She is having a difficult time sleeping (she will sleep, then cry then fall back asleep then cry ... this is about a 20 minute cycle of sleep/awake).
To top it all off, we still haven't found a pediatrician around here. I'm ready to smack myself. So Monday morning I will find us a doctor. Just one that can see her asap preferable. I will have to just decide at that point if I like him/her or not and go from there.
This stinks. My dh told me to find a new one this fall. He told me that the kids would be sick this winter and I wouldn't want to drive an hour to see their doctor. Yeah, yeah, yeah ... he was right. I admit it. This stinks. I think this is about the worst illness my 2 has seen in her short little life. :-( I feel badly. And I wish I would have found a new doctor sooner, becuase truth be told, if we had one locally, I would have taken her Friday just to make sure she was going ot be okay.

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Mel said...

I hope she feels better soon and that you get some sleep!