Monday, July 30, 2007

Nice day to go shopping ...

Today I went shopping.
I took all three kids and one of my sisters.
And we grabbed lots of clothes to try on. We ended up bringing home

For me - 2 jeans and 2 sweaters (one which is angora and to die for!)
For my oldest - 3 jeans, 2 corduroy's, 1 skirt, 3 shirts, 2 warm-up pants
For my middle - 1 jean, 1 pair like sweat pants, 4 shirts, 2 dresses
For my sister - 2 shirts

And we also brought home 2 pairs of jeans that were too small for anyone and somehow ended up in our pile. Not sure how that happened but I think I put back 2 pairs that would have fit my middle dd and kept these ones when it should have been the opposite. Oh well.

They had nothing for my son, which was kind of sad.

Anyway, I brought home 29 articles of clothing and one book.
This was very exciting to me because I spent a grand total of ::::drum roll:::: 87.48. Now, that means I paid less than 3 dollars per item.

That means in terms of winter
I need only dressy holiday clothes
My oldest needs - 1 or 2 more jeans, some warmer dress-up clothes, a Christmas dress and some jammies
My middle child needs - nothing I think (because in addition to what we bought today she should have lots of clothes that are hand me downs from number 1)
Youngest needs - well, he still needs an entire winter wardrobe. But his clothes aren't that expensive yet so that will be an easy order to fill.

And we will be done for winter-time (unless they all go through growth spurts around February, which knowing my children will probably happen). I am guessing about 200 more dollars in clothes for winter-time (but hopefully I can keep it less than that). I don't think spending 300 dollars for a 6 month period for 4 people is that bad. I think it's pretty thrifty of me frankly and am pretty proud of all the deals I got today.

And yes, I did shop at the local Goodwill. I also had a 15% off coupon and another 5% off that. According to my receipt, I saved 28.00 with those discounts today. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

My next major spending spree will be on curriculum items for the school year and I hope that I can get such good deals when I buy those items as well! =)

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