Monday, July 16, 2007

Can someone please explain this to me ...

My insurance company covers an annual PAP test (I know, the really fun one we women can't wait to have @@) BUT they won't cover the office visit to get it. So they are covering the actual test but the rest they are not.
Now, not a big deal for dh and I, but what I'm wondering is people who are already super tight on money, how many women won't go in for their pap exam because let me tell you, the actual test was 50.00 and the rest of the office visit will cost us 130.00 bucks. I'd rather pay for the test and have my insurance cover the visit people! Not only that, but my insurance does not cover ANY well-visit/health checks if you are over 16. That means if I went in for a physical exam right now, they wouldn't cover it. How does that make sense? Wouldn't it be cheaper for them in the long run to encourage yearly (or every 1-3 year) physical exams so that hopefully we could find problems when they were small and not wait until they are large?
It ticks me off and really I think the smarter route to go would be preventative medicine and not trying to fix things after they are broken. I'm not saying I expect a full body scan every 6 months, but it would be nice to know that every 2 years I could go into my doctor, have a normal physical, make sure everything is okay and go about my day and that my insurance company supports that!

Although, I haven't exactly liked our policy for a while (in terms of my dd's therapy, the dental part is almost non-existent, etc, etc). They do not sell the policy we have - and she told me today they haven't sold it for a few years. So maybe soon they will make my dh's company pick a different plan. And all I can pray for is that when that happens, we end up with a better plan and not something that covers even less.

p.s. my results from my pap came back perfectly normal. Not that we expected anything to show up, but it was nice to know that it was normal!

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