Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life and other ramblings ....

Life is always interesting isn't it? I've spent most of last week and the week before it, frankly feeling like crap. Feeling mad, sad, hurt, angry, upset, worried, panicked, etc, etc ... life has been a whole lot of not nice feelings.
And then, just the other day I mentioned to you, my dear readers, that I managed to shake it off ... and let me just tell - what a difference a few days makes!

Because 1) although financially things suck at my dh's main source of employment, his side business had the two most phenomenal weeks ever during July (this weekend is back to normal, but that's okay!) which is just awesome. And someone has a lead on some super part time work that pays incredibly well that dh can pick up in the winter if we need him to. Now, I hate to think h has to work all these jobs, but his side business ends in November, so if he only worked 4-6 hours part time for this other place, he'd be putting in less hours than he does in the summer, so although you might think my dh never sleeps because I make him work all these jobs, it's not like that - which is nice!

2) While waiting in line yesterday at the book store to get my wristband to come back later at night to get my Harry Potter book, the woman 2 behind me was talking about her son with Asperger's syndrome and some book she was buying that helped to teach social skills. Now, lack of social skills is the one thing my 4 year old struggles with the most right now. As a matter of fact, we are currently trying to teach her to look at the person she is talking to because she doesn't understand that eye contact is something people usually do when talking. So, I heard her mentioned this, apologized for interrupting, but asked if I could get the name of that book. She gave me the paper she had on it - very kind - and we started talking a bit. She is an aid for children who have disabilities and gave me some places to call to try to get M involved with other kids. She also told me about a place she goes to near us that has actual social therapy. Now, okay, I admit it, if someone told me 5 years ago their child was in social therapy I would have had to bit my lip to keep from laughing. Even I can see how it sounds kind of funny! But for someone like my M, who doesn't understand how to interact with others (who also tells me she has no friends) this could in fact be a huge answer to prayer! The woman told me they start one on one with the therapist, and then they will pair up two kids to get them to learn how to talk to each other, and then they will get together in groups of kids and all that stuff. Which would be fabulous! I'm trying to explain that she has to say hi to people if she wants them to play with her. That she has nicely ask someone for their name if she wants to know what it is. That she has to make eye contact with people when they talk. But my explanations are not getting to her. So, I will be definitely buying the book (which is called The Hidden Curriculum: Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations in case you were curious). Eh, I don't think we will sign up for therapy now, but I know if she continues to struggle we have another place to turn. And even more fun, the kind woman gave me her name and number if I ever wanted more info or anything like that.
Seriously, all that because of Harry Potter folks! It's true.

c) I was just complaining to my husband yesterday we need a second fridge/freezer for our house. I know, you'd think one would be enough. However, we left a house with 1 fridge/freezer 2 just fridges and 1 just freezer. We had lots of room for lots of things. Here we have what I consider a small fridge/freezer combo. We drink lots of milk in this family. Ideally I could buy 4 gallons each week. But I really only have room for 2 in my fridge. Which means dh stops to pick up milk a lot on his way home. And the freezer, I could always use more freezer room! But, the whole tight on money thing and all that, well, really, it's a pipe dream for us.
Today the doorbell rang and their stood our neighbor. He told us was getting rid of one of those mini-fridges and would we want it otherwise they will toss it out with the garbage. Sure! Dh and I replied. Still won't solve the milk problem but it would be perfect to hold a few cans of pop and the kid's juice and give me more shelf space (our fridge is always cramped on space for real!) So we walked over to get it. I stayed and chatted and noticed a real fridge/freezer in their garage. I innocently asked what they planned to do with it (they are going to sell their house soon) and she said they were going to offer to sell it to whoever buys their house. Really? Sell it? Hmm ... how much would you ask I asked. She thought and said she didn't know, maybe 50 dollars? Holy cow! That's nothing really if you think about it. I called dh back. He said he'd look at our garage to see where we could fit it in and get back to them. They said it would stay in their garage until they moved probably and to take our time.
I am determined to see that fridge set up in my garage! I am determined that it is an answered prayer request on my part.

And I wonder, with those three very nice things that just happened - would it have happened if I was in my grumpy bad mood? Well, okay, dh's side business would have been fine because it really runs without me. But would my friend have come over and told me about this other part-time work if she thought I was too crabby to be around? Would the lady at B&N yesterday have spoken to me in line if I stood there with a scowl on my face. Furthermore, if I was still doing my whole "woe-is-me-life-sucks" inner thoughts, would I have even over-heard her conversation? Probably not. And if I had, would I have been too involved to think to ask her about it? And even if I had done all that, would she have seen a very unhappy person and chatted more than necessary with me? And what about the neighbors? I could have easily said, I don't know, ask my dh, got him, walked away and never gone outside to chit-chat with them. Which if they knocked a few days ago, I probably would have done that. And dh wouldn't have asked about the fridge.

So, really, mood does affect us in so many ways! I am so glad I was able to shake off all the crap from the last week and a half. And enjoy life when it's not perfect. Because, really, it will never be perfect. But it can be really good if I can just sit back and remember to enjoy it!

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mama2dibs said...

I'm glad you wrote that down. Now the next time you are in a bad mood you can go back to this and remember what happened. I know it is hard to be a happy, "good" person all the time. I've had a few rough days myself and I know what you mean about being grouchy once in awhile. Speaking of which, I wonder how many blessings I missed out on while I was grouchy. :)