Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How I taught my son his first swear word!

Yes, I did. Last night as a matter of fact. It went sort of like this:
Dh: "I have some bad news."
me: huh, what?
Dh: They told me today at work that they are cancelling all reviews for this period, giving no raises, and pushing reviews to December
me: fuck. you're kidding?
little man: "ck! ck! ck! ck! ck!"
dh: rambling on about how he already spent one day preparing the review for his department (since he is the manager) and why couldn't they tell him before he had already put in all the work since he's swamped already as it is and that day couldhave been used for other things
Me: no baby! stop it!
little man: :::getting louder:::: ck! ck! ck!
Me: oh yes, YUCK! YUCK! Mommy said yuck! Yuck that daddy isn't getting a raise!
dh: now talking about how one person already told him if he didn't get a raise this review period he would be quitting so he was betting he would leave once he knew there would be no reviews happening period, let alone any rasies
Little man: ck! ck! ck!
Me: oh great. Our son is trying to say the f word because I let it slip when we first started talking. You are welcome, in addition to you not getting a raise - which we so desperetaly need and you getting to be the awful manager who tells his guys that they can't have a raise either, now you can also tell them your wife is teaching your son to swear @@
DH: Oh, that's right, it means I don't get a raise either. Shoot.
Me: and probably if htey are pushing back reviews it means they money is tied up and they can't give any rasies, so if we are lucky you'll get like a 2000 raise come December. Oh. Joy.
little man: CK! CK! CK! CK!
Me: yes, yuck. It's just yucky all around ...

I guess I should just be thankful all he repeated was the ck sound, but still. Way to be mom of the hour me!

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