Friday, July 20, 2007

Another Late Night ...

Not that a late night should be surprising, but I'm kind of ready to be done with all this not being able to fall asleep crap. There are so many good things happening around here - which I did begin to notice after having a nice conversation with myself that was something along the lines of "snap out of it! So dh isn't getting his raise? Life goes on. The sun still rises. You have your family and love and friends and good things. So, adjust the budget, be done with it and enjoy life!" Which is exactly what I needed to tell myself. And no, it could not have come from anyone else. It had to come from me.
It also helped that my oldest is at a sleep over and dh took the other two out of the house for an hour today so I had time for ME! What a nice surprise from him. As dh said we will weather this storm. The sun will shine and then another storm will come. And that's okay because it's how life goes. And he's right. So I'm think I'm out of my funk ... YEAH! And nothing can bring me back down now.

Tomorrow night I will get my hands on the last Harry Potter book. I could not be more excited. Tonight I worked on my oldest costume for the party we are going to - it is only about 80% done. Which I promised myself I would do a little each day to avoid last minute finishes, but alas, I did most of the work tonight from about 8pm to 2am and will have to put in about, oh, I'm guessing an hour tomorrow maybe? But I hope she will like it. I just want to get the book and start reading LOL! If not for her, I'd show up at the store at 11:45 pm and then wait for my turn to buy it. My sis is going with me as well, and we are going to race to finish the book. Probably she will since she won't have, you know, three kids and a husband who would not like her to hide with the book all day on Saturday just because she wants to, but I plan on at least keeping the competition close.

A friend came over today and allowed me to get a little baby fix. Which was so nice to hold a teeny thing in my arms (he turned 3 weeks today). Awww ... I miss those newborn days. But it was nice to hold him and rock him a bit. He even kindly fell asleep in my arms. So sweet and so wonderful. I really do like little babies a lot. Probably if I were in charge of how many kids we had without any input from dh, well, I'd have a lot by now just to keep a fresh supply of babies around!

Okay, enough rambling from me for this evening. I'm off to attempt to sleep as tomorrow will be a very busy day ... I have a lot I need to squeeze into it!

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mama2dibs said...

I know what you mean about the baby thing. I want four and dh wants only two. If he gets his way that means the little one I have in December will be my last. :( I will keep praying that God changes his mind.