Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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I've started an "101 in 1001" list. You can find it here.
I'm up to number 51 and out of ideas. ROFL! I suppose at least I made it halfway though!

My friend should be having a baby any minute now. Well, her ob's said she has to go into labor on her own by Friday am or they are doing a repeat c-section. She wants a v-bac so badly though, so I have my fingers crossed that in the next 24 hours she will go into labor on her own. Lots of irregular contractions - some painful some not. I figure that is a good sign for her, but she has an appointment tomorrow evening to check things out. She is going to try to convince the doc to induce her if things have been in fact happening, but my guess is the docs won't want to do it. I told her today I was praying that God would give her a sense of peace this week and that no matter what happened (vbac or c-section) that both and her and new baby would be healthy, but if He could, vbac would be nice! I think she liked that prayer, or maybe I just hope that she does. I'm secretly hoping she goes into labor tonight or tomorrow night because maybe they might call me and I can go and be there? Which, well, people, I think that would be one of the neatest experiences of my life - to see a new baby being born (while not being consumed by labor pains!).

Anyway, my sister (who is 16) came over tonight. I have to say, I got in touch with my giggly, immature, crazy girl side tonight and it was fun! I don't have those sorts of moments very often, so it was a nice break from the everyday routine. Although I had work I wanted to do tonight that I didn't get down from all our goofing off, but I think it was worth it!

Anyway, that about sums up things from here.

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