Sunday, June 10, 2007

So far ...

so good!
We all woke up, ate, showered and I managed to bath all three kids before we had to leave to go to a birthday party! However, I didn't get to any of the laundry I was hoping to run today.
The birthday party was good - all the kids ran around like mad there and the girls were able to be in a pool. It dawned on me today that really it isn't so hard to have all three kids out because for the most part, the girls have a pretty good understanding of what's okay and what is not okay. They also know boundaries so if we are at someone's house, they don't dash out of the yard. The oldest can certainly get her own food when it's time to eat and the 4 year old just needs minimal help really. Not only that, but my 7 year old is a super helper! She helped her sister get into her swimsuit as I chased Little Man. So really I just had to really keep an eye on Little Man and so the party was actually a lot of fun. Because, truthfully, I really thought I would not be able to relax one bit the entire time, but the truth is I was to a certain degree.

Also today I had a profound conversation with my 7 year old - which I might share later. But don't want to retype here. I can say that I am deeply impressed with her and so very proud of her. And if she can still believe in 10 years what she believes today, I will have one very wonderful daughter on my hands. I am beaming with pride.

Also, if I may brag a bit here - she woke up and unloaded most of the dishwasher for me! When I woke up (yes, you read that right, she was awake before me) she asked me to go unload the dishwasher right away because we didn't have enough clean dishes. At which point I told her I knew we had plenty of clean dishes and I needed a minute to wake up before I do anything. Poor thing looked at me and said "okay mom, the truth is I have a surprise for you in the dishwasher and I want you to find it now!" I was thinking she put a picture in there for me and lo and behold it was 90% put away already! I just gave her a big hug and told her thank you. She told me that even though daddy wasn't here this week she was going to be a big helper to me so I wouldn't have to do it all by myself. Seriously, does my kid rock or what? Yeah, I think she rocks!!


MissKris said...

Hi! Stopping by this Sunday morning before church to do some long-overdue catching up!! The only thing I've liked in the almost-33 years of marriage when my hubby is gone overnite or for several days is being able to stretch out in bed, haha! He's a cuddler, 365 days out of the year...even if it's 100 degrees outside...ugh! My one main tip for buying any toys for the kids is to go wander thru thrift stores. When I began baby sitting my grandson, I had a few treasured toys of my own kids' that I'd saved, but nothing appropriate for a new baby at the time. I have come across LOTS of toys that are in brand new condition for hardly anything! I just bring whatever home, wipe it off very carefully with sanitizing wipes or put it thru the washer...whichever works for whatever it is. I figure that cleans it up pretty least a lot better than what he'd have to touch and suck on in regular day care...yuck! Same with the extra couple of outfits I have for him here, in case he dirties whatever my d-i-l packs each day...I've found lots of great outfits for him at thrift stores. As to saving money, you can pick up umbrella-style clotheslines at Wal-Mart and/or a few other stores...those are wonderful for dry/warm weather days, and you have the added bonus of your clothes smelling GREAT!! Hope this finds you having a good weekend...((((HUG)))

Jenny said...

I would love a surprise cleanup job from my kids!