Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No Results!

We can't get results today. The doctor is not in one office we know of nor is he in the other office we know of.
Now, tomorrow he will be in one office and his nurse will be in the other - both of whom can give us the results. And I know it's only one day more, but I had it in my head that today we would find out. And now we can't and so I am bummed. Oh well. I suppose I can probably assume that the results must be normal or maybe someone would have contacted us already? But tomorrow I will see for sure - I hope!

Anyway, today is just another ho-hum day around here. Soon the kids will be shuffled to another house to play while I get my annual exam. And, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm thrilled to be getting that exam today - although seeing as sarcasm is hard to read over the internet, I will tell you, that was an extremely sarcastic remark. I am not at all one bit excited to do this but know it must be done.

Also trying to knock out laundry today and get the house cleaned. I think we will be out all day tomorrow and then tomorrow night is our last evening with dh before he goes and I don't want to worry about the house when I need to be spending time with him!

Truly it is just another ho-hum day around here. But it's nice to have some ho-hum days. Better than running around with our heads cut off or than having to travel downtown to the hospital again! LOL!

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Damselfly said...

I agree -- sometimes boring is just fine. Hope your results and exam come out great.