Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

My husband truly is a wonderful father. And he really did deserve a great father's day.
The truth though, is I completely forgot it was Father's Day. I didn't plan anything with the kids for him this past week. We didn't make him a present or buy him a present or make him some cards or plan extra-special activities for him.
:::hanging head in shame:::
Worse than that? Last weekend was our anniversary - forgot that too.
Part of the reason is he was one that day and gone for most of the week. That not everyone in our family was calling me to deliver good news over the last week, that I was trying to just survive each day last week and didn't really look ahead on the calendar, and that I just plain forgot.
He has assured me that it is okay and I did run to Target today to buy him 2 movies he was just saying a few weeks ago he wished we have. Each girl was able to give him one. But I still feel like scum. Well, I only feel like half scum - he forgot our anniversary and I only remember tonight it was last weekend when I was telling someone how long we've been married. It's now 8 years and not 7. He's not home and I don't think he even noticed we passed it up either.
It feels so sad to me. But I know he loves me deeply and I know I love him deeply and really, as he put it, today is a Hallmark Holiday, designed to get people to spend money. But I still wish we had remembered and had done something special for him. Although, truly, wasn't letting him go away for a week with the guys to relax, unwind and spend time in nature doing all sorts of things he thinks is fun that you probably couldn't pay me to do - I think that is pretty special right? Right. Well, for this year, it will have to do and I guess next year I will have to do something better ....

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mama2dibs said...

Hey! My hubby didn't even say Happy Mother's Day to me and he told me he wanted the same treatment. Yeah right! I bought him a card and I had something I wanted to make him, but he never took Libby so that I could. Anyway, I told him that he HAD to tell me what he wanted for supper and he told me that there was nothing special about Father's Day...anybody could get a girl pregnant.