Thursday, June 07, 2007

A note to those who report the news

Dear News Reporter,

Paris Hilton is not news. It is entertainment news, yes. But frankly I could care less how much time she was in jail. I could care less if she got good behavior or not.
Yes, it does suck that she got to go home early and frankly, I do believe it was because she has money. But really, it sucks. Let's all say that and move on.
Please please move on! There are IMNSHO much more pressing news that I would like to hear about. And frankly if the trend to report celebrity news as actual real news keeps up, I will not watch your news programs anymore. This included, but is not limited to the topic Anna Nicole Smith's baby, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and a whole host of other celebrities. Yes, it is entertaining to hear about who has a new boy/girlfriend, or who is getting married or who is splitting up. But it is exactly what I said: entertaining. And thus it belongs on an entertainment news show, of which there are more than enough on my channel line-up to keep me up-to-date should I want to be.

Thank you,

BTW: the EEG results are in and they are completely normal. Which leaves me feeling better and dh scratching his head and wondering what to do next.

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Jenny said...

So glad for the normal results.

As for Paris, etc, my sister said her pastor pointed that our fascination with celebrity "news" is really just a form of gossip.

Not that I'm not guilty ;)