Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, we all survived the weekend.
I had a good time out with my girls. My husband had a great time with babyboy - apparently babyboy is a very patient, sleepy child with his daddy. Of course! Of course he had a good night for daddy. Although my dh did say it was hard to accomplish much because babyboy does indeed need to be held often when awake.
But, back to my time away: arrived at the hotel around lunchtime. Went swimming with the kids. Then to the room around 4ish to rest - and both kids actually wanted a break. Then we went to see a movie. This was not a part of the original plan. I really didn't want to go, but there were 13 people total, so we went and saw Ice Age II. Great movie - but not for a 3 and 6 year old. I am so mad. I didn't know the movie was PG, I assumed it was G and didn't check since a movie wasn't part of the original game plan. I know, I'm probably an up-tight mom, but I disliked the language in the movie and 3 year old was very upset/scared with some parts. Ugh. I wish my girls and I had stayed at the hotel and played in the pool. We had a lot of fun in the pool earlier.
Then after the movie time for dinner. We had fun, but we were there for a long time! Then back to the hotel. Tried to swim again ... the pool my 3 year old could be in without someone having to hold her to keep her from going under water was closed. So she didn't really want in. My 6 year old played with the other kids and 3 year old and I cuddled and I painted her nails! Then 6 year old came out (yes, this was like 11:30 pm at night! Yikes!) And we painted her nails, and they fell asleep watching a movie.
I stayed up with the otehr adults until about 1:30, that would be the time prior to the time change! Spent some time pumping and off to bed.
Okay, my 3 year old talks and moans and laughs and grunts and does all sorts of noises in her sleep. Holy cow - she woke me up twice! Well, needless to say, sleep was not an easy thing to find. And then the time change ... forgot it was coming! Oh vey!
Anyway, woke up, dressed, check-out and off to breakfast. And then at noon it was on the road back to home.
It was fun. I'm glad we did it. I wish I could go back and tweak it a bit, but you know, like I said I had a good time. My girls had a lot of fun too. And really, wasn't that the point of this mini-trip? Yep. So all's good!

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