Saturday, April 08, 2006

Impromptu Fun!

So about 4:30ish my mom calls to see what we are doing and asks if we want company - we were doing nothing honestly. Kids were playing, dh is recovering, I was just kind of doing odds and ends around the house. So, hey, why not?
They come over, we order YUMMY mexican food. Beyond yummy - I just love it. Umm ... it filled more than one craving while pregnant with babyboy. So my kids show my sisters the SuperMonkeyBall II game and they start to play. And then my mom is watching and we are all watching and then before I know it, we start a new game with my two sisters, my mom, and myself! Everyone else is watching and we are just playing and having a blast and a good old time =) All of us - now keep in mind my sisters are 15 and will be 13 next week! So, generally, hanging out with their mother and older sister aren't exactly the most fun things they can think of to do these days. So the fact that we were all playing, all having fun, and just generally enjoying ourselves is just wonderful. One of them even said "This is the most fun we have all had together!" Seriously, just warmed my heart =)
We also ended up making a cake and eating it too!!
It was just a grand night overall.
And now they are gone. And I'm sad. Before moving here we lived roughly 10 minutes from my parents. Now we are 45 minutes, with traffic. So these kind of impromptu visits don't just happen that often.
I told my dh it did make me wish we lived closer to them so we could have nights like this more often. Well, I guess if we don't end up buying this house, we will probably try to move closer to them. And I guess even with a bit of distance between us, we just need to make sure we do have fun and hang out with each other and try to create more grand memories :)

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