Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tid bits ...

So Monday I went out and bought 5 shirts for myself. I have not bought that many clothes at one time in a while! LOL!! I did have children with me, so I did not try them on in the store. I need to return 3, but oh well. I will be exchanging them for other things. I need clothes. My tops do not fit. My pants fit fine now - but shirts are another problem. Apparently my body is making tons of milk to feed my babyboy and well, becuase of that, almost every shirt I own now looks about 3 sizes too small in the bust area. I don't particularly care for that kind of look to tell you the truth.
And since we are now officially done having children (well, okay, my dh needs to go and get tested but he had the big v on friday the 7th) I have decided it's time to start buying some clothes. Of course for the moment I merely bought a few shirts on sale at Target, but that's okay. At least I now have 2 new shirts to wear! It's a start ;-)

Aside from that, well, I don't know, life is pretty good overall right now. My bbayboy is pretty gosh darn fussy lately. I feel badly for him. ::sigh:: I don't know. He could be teething, and I'm kind of wondering if maybe we need to persue the issue of checking him for reflux. He just spits up every day, and it's becoming more and more and lately I notice he cries when he is spitting up. :-( So yeah, something else to get checked out on him - poor guy.

The gp's will be home soon. Slowly but surely we are getting the house ready for them and slowly but surely my anxiety is going up. We will be very tightly squeezed in this house. This summer will be interesting to say the least. And I just hope I can get my babyboy feeling better so I don't have to worry about him crying and wanting ot be held all the time. I don't mind doing it (okay, sometimes I mind and sometimes I want a break and a lot of time my back hurts from him!) but I mean, I can hold him all day and get things done when dh gets home and during nap time, etc, etc. I'm afraid that grannie will want to do things during the day instead of waiting until later like I currently do. I think she will want to help out and try to do more than I think she should be doing. I want to be the one taking care of the house and I want to be the one helping her out! My dh says not to fret about it. And he thinks as long as grannie wants to help out and it makes her feel good, I should graciously accept it and not worry! But I will feel so badly about it :-( I'm hoping maybe babyboy will let grannie rock-a-bye him while I do lots of things! And I have to say my 6 and 3 year old are all of sudden wnating to help a lot around the house too! Which is (usually) great for me. but sometimes them wanting to help means more work for me! But I don't tell them that becuase I like thier attitude and want to encourage it! =)

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