Saturday, April 08, 2006

I flunked!

I flunked my weekly to do list. I'm not sure I actually finished one thing on the list ... I'd have to go back and check it honestly to know ... actually I will do that right now ...
Okay, so I did do some things on the list. Not enough to be satisfied though. And I did actually accomplish a few things not on the list, so that is good. I'd guess I didn't flunk, maybe a D+ would be a good grade though! LOL!
It was a rough week with babyboy though. I don't know what the problem was, but he was on the fussy side and very needy and wanting ot be close to momma, and well, what can I say? I indulged him. He's not even 4 months old yet and I think if there is a time in life to be indulged it's when your little and when you are obviously not feeling like yourself.
However, that means this week I need to get butt in gear with things around the house. The gp's arrival has been pushed back a week though (yeah!) so I do have next week to get ready too.
So, here, ready for next week is my list:

  • Work on garage

  • Clean woodwork

  • Send letter to get copies of kids med records

  • Organize dining room

  • Organize areas in basement

  • Start on two bags I want to make

  • Figure out what classes kids will take this summer

  • School for 3 days

  • Eye doctor appointment for me

  • Finish skirt!

That should be more than enough to keep us occupied this week - given we are out of the house most of Monday, half of Tuesday, and all day Friday!

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