Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Being Punished?

I think my son is punishing me! He is very cranky for the last day and eating ALL the time. But he latches on, starts to eat, starts to cry and gets mad. :-(
I don't know if he is wanting the bottle again since he had so many with dh this weekend or if we are hitting a growth spurt here. It could really be either based on what he is doing. I don't know, but I feel like all he's done today is eat, cry and had a catnap or two. I hate days like this because really, almost anything I do is wrong and I hate feeling like I can't make him happy! But hopefully this too shall pass and tomorrow will be back to things as normal!!

On the other hand, my dd's are in love with dh and I. We can almost do no wrong right now. You see, we put a bunk bed in their room while they were with my mom last week. So Sunday they came home to bunk beds and 2 new dressers (well, new for us anyway!). And they are just in love with them. And my dd has been rearranging things (pictures, piggy banks, etc) on the shelves and just loving it. The six year old just loves being on the top bunk and now goes up there to hang out and listen to her music. I love being so great in their eyes right now LOL!!!

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