Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Week half over?

Man, the week is half over! Where in the world did it go? I just can't believe it's Wednesday already. Nuts ... and I haven't really accomplished a lot this week already. Althouhg we were out most of the day Monday nad yesterday I had a baby that was just not happy and needy and well, the only thing I did actually accomplish yesterday was running away from home after dinner! LOL!
And yes, I did - I went to the local B&N for a Stitch n Bitch gathering, except I was th only one who showed up! Oh well.
I knitted for a bit, then decided to browse around. Walked out with one math book for my girls, one knitting magazine for myself, and a how to draw book for my girls.
Today was better ... we were outside for several hours. Babyboy was mesmerized by so many things ... her sister riding her trike, the kids on a swingset, trees, grass, dirt ... it was a whole big world out there and he just loved it!

And now for a stupid thought for the day ... the models on Deal or No Deal? Do you think they ever get annoyed at all the talking between picking cases? Maybe they are thinking, shut your trap and pick my case so I can sit down now. Well, I would be! I can't imagine trying to stand in one spot like that through all that banter. Eh, I know, what a weird thing to think! LOL!

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