Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

We survived Easter weekend. Barely LOL!
No, it wasn't that bad - just hectic to say the least.
Friday we had a blast ... the kids and I went downtown to the American Girl Place. We went with 7 other family members. It was a blast! An expensive blast, but so worth it. Of course we came home with lots of things (to be expected since my mom was with us). My six year old came home with her second American Girl Doll - Elizabeth, 2 outfits for her, one matching outfit for herself and a bunch of other things! My 3 year old came home with her very first American Girl doll - Felicity, a wagon for her Bitty baby twins, and one outfit for her doll with the matching one for her. And babyboy, well, he came home having been admired by about 20 new people ;-)
I'm glad we went. Still not sur emy 3 year old should have a doll that expensive, but it was from grandma, so what an I do?
Saturday we hung out at home. Well, we didn't hang so much as we worked. First we emptied garage and cleaned it. And then we started to get leaves out of the yard. Yes, we have lots of leaves - stuck in all the bushes and in places that should theoretically have flowers this summer. So we started cleaning all that out. Something we did neither last year nor was probably done for a few years prior. I am determined that we will put in flowers this year, so I need to work on teh yard as much as possible. Of course, babyboy wanted to be held by mommy and wasn't just content to sit and watch. Well, it was a delicate balance to accomplish anything.
Then time for fun to go to my mom's for my baby sisters birthday. She's 13. A real live teenager now. I can't believe it!!
Then home. And that's when the fun began. Well, to sum up what I could make a long story - I finished a skirt for someone. I finished it at 3:30 am. ::yawn:: And so I was exhausted. To top it all off, it didn't even fit @@ In my defense, I didn't starte it - I finished it, so it's not my fault ROFL!!! Thankfully I was able to nap this am. Yeah for babyboy for cooperating with me.
Then time for the family gathering this afternoon. Which is always fun and the kids got more candy! LOL!
So, there is my weekend wrap-up. And now time for a busy week! Birthday party tomorrow night, classes tomorrow, classes Tuesday, first t-ball practice on Wednesday, ballet/awana Thursday, baseball pictures and practice Saturday and the gp's home Sunday. Yikes! So if I disappear it's because I went crazy and just exploded! LOL!

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