Friday, April 21, 2006

All is well ...

Last night dh came home and told me I looked nice. Well, I love him, but he doesn't generally just say that out of the blue. So I kind of figured he was still trying to make up and smooth things over.
So, yeah, I've decided I like him again ;-)

Other than that, gp's should be home in a few days (Sunday to be exact). Today my children have dentist appointments, I'm watching one cousin. Tomorrow are baseball pictures and a practice and then a birthday party. And of course last minute cleaning for the arrival of the gp's. Hopefully Sunday will just be relaxing and consist of us hanging out as a family - just the 5 of us one last time before sharing the house again.

Speaking of family, our nights with babyboy are getting better. He is pretty consistently going to bed between 10 and 11. I'm so glad. Still waking up - althoug for the last week I've been giving him the pacifier and making the bassinette rock first. Most times I can get him back to sleep that way (and we nurse maybe twice). I am hoping what will happen soon is that it won't be worth it for him to wake up since he isn't getting nursed each time. But, you know, we are making great progress overall so I'm not complaining too much! LOL!

Okay ... well, enough for now!

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