Friday, March 31, 2006


To Do List

  • Sleep in late

  • Pick up spilled sewing basket

  • Vaccuum

  • Sweep/mop

  • Dust front room

  • Reorganize dining room

  • Pump two times

  • Pack for overnight tomorrow

  • Cut out pattern for needle bag

  • Learn to make border on cardigan

  • Begin baby cardi

  • Read

  • Relax

  • Laundry

  • Clean out girls room

  • Stay sane

Despite not finishing everything I wanted to do, I did get farther today than I had anticipated I would! Of those I did not accompish: the reorganizing I did get about halfway through. Babyboy was not content hanging out in that area of the house though. And I needed to get that room organized to get the dusting done.
The pattern for the bag is 75% cut out.
The reading and knitting were purely for fun, and well, no time for that today! LOL!
I did manage to do a lot though, and for that I am happy. Woo-hoo!! And I am hoping to start knitting up that baby cardigan for a little bit here tonight before heading to bed.

And tomorrow morning, I will be going away until Sunday. I'm so sad about leaving my babyboy :-( I just don't know if I can survive with. Ugh. I'm just so sad, but I also know my girls and I will have fun too.

So until Sunday .. bye!

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