Friday, March 31, 2006

Random Updates

So just some random updates.

So we went and saw the asthma/allergy doctor today.
Doc is putting us back on pulimocort and will babyboy on it until at least the end of May. He did check babyboy for some food allergies. It all came back negative though so we don't have to worry about that right now. He does think babyboy has reflux and he said there is a slight chance that reflux can cause wheezing. He said we'll keep an eye on it for now. The doc also said he feels that babyboy will probably outgrow it but obviously, that's really just an educated guess.
I left feeling better about where to go from here for my little one and I am glad we went.

Now the bad part of our visit, is this particular group of doctors has several offices. We showed up at the wrong one :X Oops. So we had to drive to the other office, which made us 40 minutes late. But they were very kind about it all and still had atime to see us (thankfully).

My girls are at my moms - left yesterday around 7ish. My plan for tomorrow is to sleep as long as babyboy will let me (which hopefully will be sometime between 9 and noon). Woo-hoo. Then I will clean as much as I can - we had last night for dinner: 7 adults, 2 teens, 4 middle kids (between 5 and 9), 3 toddlers and 1 babyboy. We did basic clean-up last night and I was out most of today, so I need to vacuum/sweep/mop/etc. And the kids, bless their little hearts, knocked over my sewing basket. So my dining room has pins all over the place and I need to clean all that up. I'm not looking forward to it.

Since Tuesday night I have pumped 24 ounces of milk. There is 28 in the freezer which right now puts us at 52 ounces. That should tide babyboy over while I am away on Saturday and part of Sunday, and I will add some more tomorrow adn maybe pump one time before leaving Saturday too. So no worries there. And of course I will have to pump when I am away (that or my boobs might just explode) so when I come home we will have milk to put in the freezer so hopefully we won't be at zero stashed away come Sunday night.

We were given bunk beds from relatives - they are a nice, sturdy set, came with a few dressers and best of all, were free! So dh put the bunk beds up tonight. We need to figure out the dresser arrangements. I think they gave us two? And then we have one in there. Right now my 3 year old has all her clothes on shelves int he closet - the ones above the hanging rack so she can't reach them. If we can get two more dressers in their room, her clothes can go in one and we can put babyboy's in the other. The bunk beds are standard twin size - and will replace my 6 year old's full size bed and my 3 year old toddler bed, so we have freed up a lot of floor space in their room. For fun we bought them Dora sheets and Tinkerbell sheets. So when they come home Sunday they will be happy to see that! If we do buy this house, I have other plans to further rearrange their room, but it requires taking out built-in desk/shelves so we can't do that just yet.

Speaking of the house, the gp's will be coming home at the end of April ... so we need to start "ready"ing the house for their arrival. Should be okay - last year we struggled to do it because on April 1 I discovered I was pregnant and not long after began puking all the time. Which of course ... just think, one year ago today I did NOT know I was pregnant. I knew we had a year of change heading our way, but didn't know quite how much change there would be. I discovered I was pregnant on April 1, but did't really even think that I was until that morning. Kind of wild! But I couldn't be more thrilled with my little arrival and we are all just in love with him. I'm so glad that he is here now ;-)

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