Monday, March 27, 2006


Today just needed one big sigh. I sighed more today than any day recently.
First of all, my child had an awful night.
A terrible terrible cough. And not only did this child cough, after he finished coughing, he wouldn't breath. Okay, so the lapse probably lasted a few seconds in reality, but when you are the mother and the child is your child, a few seconds feels like a lifetime. One time I actually reached over to his bassinette and poked him. Of course the big gasp for air came. As I sat in bed trying to not have a heart attack. ::sigh::
Tonight I started to work on a skirt I want to make for myself. And when I bought the pattern I planned on making it one size bigger than I normally would. I mean, afterall, I just had a baby 3 months ago, so a little extra room is in order. Just on a whim I decided to measure my waist/hip to be sure. One size bigger is not going to work. 2 sizes bigger is not going to work, 3 sizes bigger is not going to work. Oh no ... 4 freaking sizes bigger than where I was a year ago. ::sigh::
In an amazing stroke of luck, all three of our children fell asleep at the same time tonight. That has never happened before. In order to celebrate (and dh was trying to make me feel better about being a few sizes to big) we attempted to have sex. Nope. Babyboy decided he didn't want to be asleep afterall. Not that our sex life is generally exciting, but that makes us 0/2 on the last two attempts. Our efforts being thwarted by the children. ::sigh::
A day full of lots of sighs.
On the upside, my friend came over to visit today. That was nice and of course we just talk talk talk ;-) And I have a sitter tomorrow. I get to go to a yarn store alone. And my 2 dd's will go to my mom's from Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning. (Granted it's becuase we meet with the specialist for babyboy Thursday and they said plan on a 3 hour appointment).
Yeah, I think this will turn out to be a good week afterall. And hopefully, Thursday's appointment with the specialist will help us out with dealing with babyboy's problems. I can't take many more of these no breathing spells LOL!

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