Monday, March 20, 2006

Babyboy Update ...

Ped said he sounds all clear today! YEAH!!!
We'll keep him on meds for 3 more days, then stop them and see what happens.
She thinks the sleeping is just a fluke OR he wasn't sleeping before becuase the illness was interferring with it - He slept like 8 hours last night? And it's noon right now ... from 6:00 to now, he has only been awake for about 45 minutes. Usually he's only been asleep for about 45 minutes.
We were also advised to keep him out of public places and crowds for an indefinite amount of time. It won't be that hard to do, but yet, it will be. My 6 year old takes classes on Monday. I'm supposed to stay with her, but that is definitely one place we should avoid with him at all costs - we are in a gym with anywhere from 30-100 people in it (most being other children who are running around and want to see the baby and all that jazz). That will be hard. Tonight I will have to be making phone calls to see if one of the other parents can be her responsible adult if I just drop her off and then pick her up. I have a few people in mind, but they aren't there for all 3 of her classes, only 2 of them, so I we may have to pull her out of one class. We'll see - I don't want to do that to her, but at the same time, one child's medical issues have to trump one child's fun things, kwim?
But I am thrilled to hear he's all clear. And for now I will enjoy all his sleeping - until he starts sleeping through meals and not peeing enough which I'm praying doesn't happen - and yes, I will attempt to keep him in a plastic bubble for a little while. If it means he won't be sick again and on a bunch of medicines and that he's healthy and happy, I'm doing it!

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