Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just another manic ...

It's a crazy Thursday around here.
It's one in the afternoon. Since the start of the day today (meaning midnight), I have: attempted to put babyboy to bed 3 times (finally got it right at 1:30 am), attempted to have sex with my husband (I say attempted becuase apparently at 2 am my 6 year old decided to go potty and heard us talking so she opened the door - thankfully saw nothing, but did a GREAT job of killing the mood), nursed babyboy 5 times, gotten dressed three times, been pooped on once and I don't mean a little bit, apparently it all flew out of the diaper and onto me and the couch, completed one load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen twice, boxed up clothes that babyboy has grown out of, unpacked a box of clothes an angel sent me.
Ugh. I'm tired already. Although that probably has more to do with the fact that I didn't get much sleep last night as opposed to what I have actually done so far today.
But the rest of the day will be hectic as well. And part of me jsut wants to curl up in my bed and pray that babyboy takes a huge nap and that the other kids play nice.
Oh well! Welcome to the real world!!
But tonight I get to go visit the newest member of my family - my cousin's little boy who is just shy of 2 weeks old. So that will be fun nad I can't wait!!

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