Friday, March 10, 2006

My poor baby ...

My babyboy is sick again :-( He is getting nebulizer treatments again. I just feel bad for him. The thing that just makes me most nervous is that 2 days ago, he was fine, yesterday he was congested and today he was wheezing and retracting. It just seems to happen so fast. Our ped said if we didn't have the nebulizer at home already she probably would have sent us to the hospital today to get him some treatments. Well, I'm glad we have it here! We came home and started the treatments up (after digging it out of storage). I guess we won't store it away so quickly this time. She also told me that we need to watch him for asthma as this point if this happens again.
Yikes! I don't know what to do. 50% of me wants to keep him in a bubble. The other half of me doesn't want to over-react and keep him home if it's not needed. Not to mention the other 2 kids who have things they want to do and places they want to go. :::sigh::: I mean, health issues will trump the fun things, but I am praying it's not asthma. That he just picked up another virus and it's close to the last one he had just by pure coincedence. Well, I guess we'll see what happens with him in the future. I guess I shouldn't start worrying about it yet.
The good news is that he is actually pretty happy overall. Just smiling and laughing, although he wants to be held pretty closely. Which is nice. He has no fever so that's good too. And despite being on albuterol, he hasn't been overly-hyper (which I guess happens to some kids).
I just feel bad and I hope he does get better ... I'm keeping a close eye on him though just in case.

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