Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bummer ...

I'm home. I've been home all night. That means I didn't get to go visit the new baby :-(
Baby's mom called and said they had a long day and really wasn't in the mood for company. Well, I've btdt so I said we could meet another day when she was feeling better. I do hope all is well though and maybe baby just didn't let htem sleep much over the last few days.

On another sad note, my child is off the meds now. Has been for 24 hours now and already congestion is back and we are noticing the breathing is starting to get that labored feeling to it. :-( This stinks. So tomorrow I will be calling the ped and I'm guessing she will say to put him back on the meds. I feel bad for him. Poor kid just can't catch a break it feels like. On the good side, he's still (mostly) his happy go lucky self, although we noticed here tonight he won't let us set him down again. He wants to be held and cuddled and loved. So probably it's a good thing that I ended up staying home. Well we see the specialist in exactly one week from now so that's good. I just want to make him better and make all these issues go away.

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